Hiwap Review : Health is Wealth Affiliate Program

Hiwap Health is Wealth Affiliate Program review how Does Hiwap income affiliate program works

If you are looking for Best way to make money online in Nigeria , here is another legit income affiliate program called Hiwap (Health is Wealth Affiliate Program )
This is the best unique opportunity for you to make extra income from the comfort of your home, as we provide you free top notch and incredible health content and tips. We also offer you opportunity to earn money writing for us + a mouth watering commission as an affiliate.

With a one time investment / product purchase / membership fee of ₦2,000;

You will gain access to write for us and earn ₦1,000 per article.
As an affiliate, you will earn 50% direct referral commission for introducing people to take part in this opportunity.

You will earn 25% indirect commission from your sub referral and

10% matching bonus when your referrals complete their circle every time.

Hiwap 2 x 2 matrix circle is very simple, no long stages, no long recruit level, no overrated promises of incentive. Earn the money as you go.

The more article you write for us, the more you earn (₦1,000 per article)

The more direct referral, the more you earn (₦1,000 per referral), the more circle, the more indirect referral commission.

You should not miss this earning opportunity, check out  Hiwap membership benefits below:

One time investment / valuable product purchase / membership fee of only ₦2,000 (Very affordable)
Full access to all our outstanding health products that will do you good (Unavoidable)
You can use our products for yourself or gift anyone around you (Very useful)
Time to time health tips and update including solution idea to your health problem (You need it)
Referral is optional, you can earn and cash out by writing article for us (₦1,000 per article)
You earn 50% direct referral commission when you introduce your friends and family to join us (Get them involved)
You earn 25% indirect referral commission when your downline refer others to complete your 2 x 2 circle (Unlimited earning)
You also earn 10% matching bonus each time your downline complete their circle (Extra bonus)
Spillover enabled – This is the most interesting part as you wont need to wait for your downline. (No delay)
Cash out every Friday with minimum of ₦5,000 earning threshold (#TGF)
Be part of a great health project, earn like a pro and get your commission paid to your bank account (100% Legit).

About Hiwap income program

We are Nigerians who desire to create options that work and online earning opportunity for the growth of Nigeria economy. Healthiswealth.ng is co founded and managed by Samuel Joy (A certified human nutritionist and personal health consultant) in partnership with Paul Samson PSO, the founder of NNU.ng, one of the top 10 most visited websites in Nigeria. Health is wealth project is fully managed by great minds and brilliant content managers like Egu Chris and Emmanuel Obiji and some other top members and great writers. You are invited to join our team so we can do this together.

How to join  Hiwap

Registration is absolutely FREE. You only need a valid email address to activate your account. You also need ₦2,000 to become a pro member and gain full access to all our premium quality products. Get your referral link in order to take advantage of Hiwap earning opportunity, otherwise, you can always remain a free member and digest our health content. REGISTER BELOW

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